Coda. When you need the best connections.

If your priorities are to streamline your freight flow, you should talk to us.

Our strength is our mix of freight volume, services and infrastructure assets and we can open up local, regional and international pathways for everyone to share in the benefits.

About Us

Coda brings together some of New Zealand’s most experienced operators, using their combined networks to deliver value for customers.

Coda leverages its breadth of experience to offer customers the benefits of collaboration that are difficult to achieve through traditional supply chain options.

Coda has relationships with over 60 of New Zealand’s leading domestic logistics providers. Through this approach, built on trust and loyalty, Coda can offer customers an end to end nationwide service.

What Coda Does

Our team specialises in logistics procurement, freight optimisation, safety and compliance to ensure we offer the best freight service for every customer, every time.

  • Optimise cargo flows
  • Co-ordinate freight movements
  • Focus on safety and compliance
  • Treat every load as though it were our own

Our Services

  • General Domestic Road Freight
  • Import / Export Customs Clearance
  • Rail Freight Solutions
  • Storage and Warehousing Operations
  • Cross-Docking Services
  • Container Management and Marshalling
  • Domestic Coastal Services
  • Intermodal Freight Services
  • Transport Booking and Coordination Services
  • Logistics Procurement
  • Logistics Network Design
  • Health and Safety Compliance Management and Auditing
  • Food Safety and Quality Management
  • Driver Inductions